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Help? Ltc from coinbase wallet, 7 days & 390 + transactions later

Aug. 3rd I sent just over $300.00 worth of ltc to an external wallet of mine to recieve only $2.99 worth, with twhat would be the balance still sitting in coinbase wallet, stays of complete. All address have been double checked and verified correct, transactions complete with 4000+ confirmations. I then attempted to follow the transaction on blockcypher to find more than 390 transactions, amounts all over the place and looks to be that its sent back and forth to the original recieving address. I am no good at this further than what I’ve stated, I would be eternally grateful if anyone would want to take a look at this mess and see what I’m missing

Transaction ID # b182e010e1c0f3b31f206f4ca474346cf46419cf8b1cddcbe2a5c3f6dbe166b5

Block Hash (I think) c5d6c72049063c1ea4a94651d95427e16cab82a7c25c82fc0a35350fc0173fd7

If there is any other information needed for this I willing to dig it up.
T hank you in advance to anyone willing.