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Cooperation. Income. Trading

My name is Santiago and I have been doing cryptocurrency for almost 6 years.
In February 2017, I bought 15 bitcoins, then they cost $ 1000. Not so long ago I sold a few when they were at their peak.
I am mainly engaged in a business that is not related to cryptocurrency, but I want to realize this money here.
Trading is popular now and I need a person who really understands this. I’ve tried trading, but I just don’t have enough time.
I need a personal trader, a partner.

  1. We will be able to draw up a contract with passport data
  2. I will pay a good percentage for the work
  3. All conditions will be discussed immediately. I will try to make them the most profitable for you, but in return I want a real professional.

To see the evidence and communicate with me personally, you can write DM, social networks listed in the profile.
The creators of NFT and cryptanalysts, you can also contact me, I will be glad to communicate with every professional in a separate industry in cryptocurrency.
Telegram/Twitter: @Crypto_imala