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Axie Infinity Surpasses $4 Billion in All-Time Sales, Team Removes SLP Rewards From Classic Game Mode

After recording more than $4 billion in all-time sales, Axie Infinity announced the game’s classic mode will no longer allow users to obtain smooth love potion (SLP), as SLP rewards have been added to the new Origin ranked gameplay mode. The team also introduced non-fungible token (NFT) runes and charms that can be minted on […]

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5 Best Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Long-Term Returns August 2022

The crypto market experienced one of the worst bear runs in its history. Investors have endured dire losses, but some reprieve could be on the way for those paying attention to play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrencies like the newly launched Tamadoge. The reversal commenced last November after peaking near $3 trillion amid uncertain economic conditions, which saw […]