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Lightning Speed: Taro Wants To Abolish Cross-Border Payments, Disrupt The Market

Have you heard about Taro? It’s an improvement proposal for the Lightning Network that Lightning Labs introduced in April. “Taro makes Bitcoin and Lightning multi-asset networks,” the company claims in the latest edition of their newsletter. They also explain in simple words what the protocol does, how it does it, and the implications of its […]

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Crypto Reacts: Arrest Of The Alleged Tornado Cash Developer, A Watershed Moment

What’s the story around Tornado Cash? The U.S. Department of the Treasury made its case in a press release, but the question still lingers. Because, as many people have pointed out, Tornado Cash is not an institution. It’s a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain and, according to US law, code is supposed to be […]

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NFTs and intellectual property, explained

When you buy a nonfungible token, do you automatically get intellectual property rights? Well… it’s complicated. How can IP assets transform DeFi, DAOs and the metaverse? InvArch says that its infrastructure can be used to speedily create new decentralized autonomous organizations. This could make it easier for nonprofits to fund intellectual property development — and […]